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New Streaming Service Dedicated to New Jersey Independent Music Launches Kickstarter on April 23

Melissa Peterson

Apr 22, 2024

Divvy Music seeks funds to launch the beta app by the end of the year.

This week marks the launch of a 30-day Kickstarter campaign for Divvy Music, designed to raise capital and attract beta users and musicians for a new music streaming service being developed exclusively for independent artists.  The project begins with a comprehensive pilot supporting the Jersey Shore music scene. Founded by a marketing professional entrenched in the Asbury Park music scene for years, Melissa Peterson, Divvy’s objective is to give indie artists control over the #1 way their recorded music is consumed.Divvy is not just about technology and launching yet another app; it's about fostering local-specific music discover-ability and authentic connections between musicians and an engaged fan base. The Kickstarter page has details about how the project will progress and donor rewards there include; opportunities to be the first to see the prototype platform and have a say in its development as well as things like invitations to launch events, recognition in the final product by name, being part of the inaugural playlists and more.

"Having spent over a decade in marketing with a close connection to the music industry, I've witnessed first-hand the challenges indie artists face," said Melissa Peterson. "Divvy Music is born from a need for them to shift from the unsustainable pattern of constant marketing that drives fans to popular streaming services that offer them little in return. It simultaneously fills a niche for local music fans, who don't have a place to immerse themselves in their local scene through passive listening alone.”

The Kickstarter funds will be used to complete and present the first- round of the app. Divvy will not only include the core functionality of popular streaming services but also add unique innovations and features to benefit local nonprofits to set it apart. 

Among these new features is the streaming revenue structure, which will scale according to user and revenue benchmarks, ensuring fairness and sustainability.  Later iterations will build in rewards and other revenue streams for artists such as digital purchases and merch sales.

Should the campaign exceed its modest financial goal, the additional funds will be directed towards accelerating future iterations and user growth. All along the way, the groundwork to adapt and replicate Divvy in multiple geographic areas will be set down. “Divvy will be an entire entity dedicated to getting indie music heard by music lovers nearest to the artists,” Peterson added.

While Divvy can provide an intimate experience that larger platforms can’t offer, it’s meant to be a complement, not a competitor, to existing streaming services. For more information on Divvy Music and to support the Kickstarter campaign, please find them on Kickstarter before the campaign ends on May 23.

About Divvy Music: Divvy Music is a streaming service currently in development that is dedicated to leveling the playing field for independent musicians. They are seeking financial support on Kickstarter and are also inviting musicians and music lovers to take part in testing and contribute to the creation of a service that is mutually beneficial to listeners, bands, and the Divvy mission.

Want to help but not able to donate? Please share this campaign!

Not sure about donating and have questions?  Super interested and want to be part of this project in other ways besides donation/rewards?

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